Creating your natural swimming pool

Creating your natural swimming pool

Each aQua-designed pool is as different and unique as its setting. The pools are tailored to your environment and tastes.

  • aQua-design boasts 20 years of experience in aquaculture; designing and building aquatic systems around the world.
  • The founder of aQua-design is Jerome Davis who holds a Ph.D. in aquatic bio-engineering and many years of international experience in aquaculture which enables aQua-design to provide a unique combination of solid science, design savvy and practical experience.
  • Our depth of scientific knowledge enables us to be extremely flexible in our designs. We prefer to liase with the client to establish clearly what they want to see when all is done. Then we biologically engineer the system to fit in with that requirement.


How we work


We are flexible in the way we work. We usually offer a turnkey service but also have relationships with a range of trained experts in their respective fields. All projects are managed by us to form a seamless product of superior quality that enhances the value of any property that they grace.


We have Premier Partners in Gauteng and are in the process of training Partners in Hermanus, The Garden Route, East London and KZN.


We also offer remote consultation services to assist clients in outlying areas to build their own natural swimming pools.


In all cases as we share in depth technical knowledge which is the intellectual capital of Aqua Design. We require that all parties sign a confidentiality agreement to protect our intellectual capital.


It is helpfull if you have a budget identified from which we can work, alternatively we start by indentifying the budget required.


To start the process simply contact us on and we will guide you through the process.



Either existing pools can be converted or new pools constructed from scratch. We welcome collaboration with architects, builders and landscapers so that our pools blend seamlessly with the theme and flavor of any garden, property or development.


Construction costs vary considerably with design and materials, but as a rule of thumb the pools cost more than chemical pools of an equivalent size. This is due mainly to the extra cost of the aquatic garden and plumbing system. There will however never be another bill for pool chemicals, shock treatments or expensive services. Electricity costs can be cut by 60%. The pool will substantially add to the value of the property. Most importantly, the valuable time needed to care for the pool is minimal.


Because there is no algae in the water that needs to be filtered out by a preassure pump and sand filter, Eco Pools can use much smaller and efficient pumps. We also offer wind and solar options for driving our pumps.

aQua-design has a protected, unique airlift pumping technology. The pump oxygenates the water as it moves. This technology allows for more flexibility in design.

Green footprint

aQua-design strives constantly to reduce the carbon footprint of its swimming pools: innovative pumping technology; lightweight flexible liners and recycled construction materials are all unique features.